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Welcome, Friends ~


We have a little sign in our kitchen that says, “All belong. No one sits alone.”

So I hope this is a place where we can sit together.


     In case we are meeting here for the first time, let me share a little bit about myself. My background has been in acting & directing in Chicago, teaching high school English, facilitating story groups, and being a long-time follower of God’s story. I am someone who loves to connect with others and make meaningful memories along the way. 


     My earliest memories go back to our small, midwestern town about 60 miles northwest of Chicago. It was a place to make up dances at the bus stop, play wiffle ball with my brothers, and sing while my dad played the piano (Paul Williams and Carole King were some of our favorites).  It was also a place to pick cucumbers out of our garden, balance a wreath of lit candles on my head to celebrate a Swedish holiday, and dress up for my mom's creative photo shoots.


     Then my more recent memories all include snapshots of my husband Eric (who attended the same high school I did, but who I didn’t meet until 20 years later) and our five children. I am a step-mom, a mom to a special needs child, and a mom through adoption, so motherhood has come to me in a variety of ways.  These more recent snapshots include driving backroads with Eric as he blares 70’s music, walking on the shell encrusted beach (we recently moved to Sanibel, Florida), rowdy rounds of Taboo, dance parties with the kids, petting zoos that return my children with muddy bottoms and animal-licked fingers, cartons of ice cream and sticky floors, and painting murals on the playroom walls.


I am ready for more memories…And more connecting.



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